Immediate EEG Has Arrived

Brains at Risk

25 million patients experience altered mental status in U.S. hospitals each year. EEG is abnormal in 93% of these patients and is by far the best test to help facilitate their rapid diagnosis. Yet only about 3 million EEGs are done each year in the United States.  EEG is vastly underutilized due to a scarcity of 24/7 EEG technologist coverage, the time it takes to put leads on, and delay in getting EEGs read.

EEG-Now* Provides These Solutions:

  • Allows for 24/7 EEG acquisition even when EEG Technologists are not available
  • Rapid application for emergency conditions even if patients are uncooperative
  • Cost effective, comfortable, disposable sensor array
  • Effortlessly removed and replaced for MRI scanning
  • Useful for routine and long-term EEG recording

* Patent Pending